24 January 2024

Culinary delights await...

Marbella and surrounding areas has so many great restaurants, we thought we'd highlight some of the finest for a real gastronomic treat! 


In Marbella, a gastronomic jewel awaits—Nintai restaurant, a 1-star Michelin establishment that promises an intimate and exclusive dining experience limited to just twelve coveted seats. At Nintai, the focal point is a wooden bar where the itamae skilfully crafts and presents impeccable sushi. The limited seating arrangement ensures that each guest enjoys a front-row view of the culinary mastery happening before their eyes.

The restaurant takes pride in featuring premium seasonal ingredients, the most imaginative combinations, and the sommelier's expertise in pairing dishes with sake or champagne. The result? An explosion of umami, the most delightful flavour, set against an ambiance of complete calm and silence.

What sets Nintai apart is its commitment to delivering an exclusive menu every day. The spontaneity and temporality of fresh daily products, harmonized with the chef's criteria, create the perfect balance between surprise and guaranteed success. Witness the masterful improvisation with flawless planning, ensuring that each visit is a unique and memorable culinary adventure.

Leading the charge is a Michelin-starred expert sommelier, whose passion and vision extend beyond the kitchen, permeating the entire customer experience. The success of his other projects, recognized at the highest level, serves as a testament to his perseverance and dedication.

Every detail at Nintai has been carefully considered, with the goal of offering a small number of exclusive seats that guarantee access to the highest quality. Whether seated at the bar or in the intimate "Omakase Room," patrons can expect an unparalleled culinary journey. Guests at Nintai can choose between reserving a seat at the bar, providing an up-close encounter with the culinary artistry, or opting for the "Omakase Room" for a curated dining experience.

Nintai Restaurant